About us

Sudhir and RekhamyKnowledgeGalaxy.com was conceptualised by myself, Sudhir J Ramsunder, and my wife Rekha, after careful and detailed research into the education position of South Africa. While the process may not be entirely inadequate, its certainly not good. Many scholars, including myself, invariably seek out help in core subjects like Mathematics and Physical Science after hours at great cost. I’m not against the extra tuition- in fact I welcome it- but against the extortion that these courses engage in. One extra subject is enough to ruin an average household budget. Multiply this by a few subjects, then another child, and this clearly becomes a solution that is not viable.

I have a keen interest in mathematics and physical science. I have an avid interest in space and the universe specifically cosmology and lectures are always steeped with information of current research in the respective fields. I'm an airline pilot, and actively involved in community initiatives. I’m also qualified youth counsellor, former chairman of local science and maths club, with generous participation in teenage career guidance workshops, and various other non-profit community projects both local and provincial. I’ve also had some study in the medical field and still closely follow research and exploration in this path.

Any persons interested in adding to this initiative by way of lectures in others other fields, notes, finance or any other way is welcomed. Please contact us via the ‘contact us’ page.

We firmly believe that Knowledge is Power and knowledge must be shared to all equally so that one may empower themselves to the maximum. The amount of knowledge out there is more than all the massive galaxies combined, myKnowledgeGalaxy.com is a great starting point for understanding!