This website was created for school students who are tired of having to pay for private tuition and still want world class education. Primarily aimed at senior secondary school students, this website is an attempt to revolutionise the education system of South Africa.

 Are you stressed with Mathematics or Physical Science? Calculus and Newton’s Laws? Join my TOTALLY FREE LECTURES AND SEMINARS: come and learn. Its fun, its easy, meet different people. Understand that concept, and not just hope for the best in an exam: get that grade you want yourself! Don’t write down anything at a lecture: I post the entire lecture notes here in this website. Browse at it whenever you need to. Join a chat within the website: network with other colleagues from your class and do homework together all from the comfort from your computer! Have a question you’d like to ask: just blog it in our forum and have many people engage in a discussion!

 Access to the website is R100 per month: but if you cannot afford it just email me and I’ll send you a pass. Your subscription goes to fund hosting and website costs, and also to hire out halls and equipment at the seminars. If you or your business would like to donate financially or in kind to the course, please email me.

 If you would like a seminar in your community, then just round up a few of your mates and call me. Its that simple!

 Be part of this exciting new initiative; UNDERSTAND your mathematics and science. Network and learn online. Use your strengths, gain that KNOWLEDGE, and propel yourself into a new GALAXY: myknowledgegalaxy.com!

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